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Hi! This course is for those who want to model problems of physics computationally. In this course, we will use one of the most popular programming languages: Python! Python is a programming language used in different fields, such as data science, statistics, artificial intelligence, and also scientific computing. In this course, we will model high-school level problems of physics with Python using basic commands, data structures, and functions. At the end of the course, you will have a brief introduction to two third-party libraries of Python: 1-Numpy, which is primarily used for number crunching and linear algebra, and 2-Matplotlib, the most commonly used library to plot data in Python.

Each session of the course is divided into three parts:

1-Basic Python lectures:

In these lessons, you will learn how to use the basic commands, data structures and functions of Python


In these lessons, I propose exercises to be solved and explain how these exercises are supposed to be solved


In these videos, I show the solution of the exercises step-by-step

Throughout this course, you’ll solve 20+ exercises to model problems of physics with Python, including:

  • Calculating the force
  • Gravitational force formula
  • Text manipulation with strings
  • Thermal expansion formulas
  • Solving a quadratic equation
  • Building a menu to choose formulas
  • Calculating the Euclidean distance between two atoms
  • Simulating a physics exam
  • Creating functions for temperature conversion
  • Plotting the trajectory of an object

and many more!!

Therefore: if you desire to model physics’ problems and learn one of the most popular programming languages, then this course is for you!

Who this course is for:

  • Students/professionals of math/physics
  • Students/professionals of engineering
  • Students/professionals of computer science
  • Students/professionals of chemistry
  • People interested in the subject


  • Basic knowledge of Math
  • Basic knowledge of Physics
  • No prior knowledge in Programming is required

Last Updated 7/2021

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